Raising Confident Kids - eBook - Anne Baritchi Coach

Author: Anne-Marie Baritchi
Release Date: January 10, 2015
Price: $19.95 ($49.00)

It takes confidence to be a kid. Kids naturally develop confidence not because parents tell them they are great, but because of their achievements, big and small. Let me guide you step by step into his world.

Although nobody gets a parenting manual, kids instructions or parenting bible in the delivery room, it is our duty as parents to try to make our kids as well rounded, happy and confident as possible. Everybody knows that it is a lot easier to bring up great kids than it is to try and fix problems caused by bad parenting, when our children have become adults.

Raising a child who has healthy self esteem and belief in his own abilities will enable him to go on and become a very successful well rounded adult – surely that should be the aim of every parent today.

The Raising Confident Kids eBook will be delivered electronically in PDF and EPUB file formats. The eBook can be opened from virtually any type of PC, laptop, eBook reader, tablet or smartphone.

Bonus with Raising Confident Kids eBook

Along with the Raising Confident Kids eBook you will receive 2 FREE mp3 Audio Sessions for you and your kid. These sessions are for relaxation purpose, to help you and your kid to ovecome any stress related obstacles in your journey.

The Audio Sessions will be delivered electronically together with the eBook in mp3 file format, compatible with virtually any device like PC, laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux), tablet (Apple iOS – iPad, Android, Windows Mobile), smartphone (Apple iOS – iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Tizen) or any mp3/mp4 player.