Advertisement may incorporate different types of advertising so that we can supply you with fantastic information at no charge.

They may include:

Site Sponsorships (Banner Ads) – Sponsorships are generally banner advertisements but may also include placement of sponsor’s logo in our website footer, in our email footer, inclusion in our Solution Spotlight feature, inclusion in our business directory, addition to header graphics on social media services and any other promotional placement that mentions or depicts our sponsors or their logo.

Affiliate links – Some text links and advertising banners may be part of an affiliate program. When a website user clicks on these links or advertisements, we may earn a monetary or other value for the lead.

Guest Content (Industy Insiders) – Posts produced by persons linked with third-party business organizations working in ecommerce or similar industries are not paid posts. We believe these pieces to provide useful insight or opinion for our readers and we invit chosen industry professionals to share their knowledge with our audience. These pieces may feature connections to the author’s company.

Guest Posts (Paid Posts) – In rare instances we may welcome a professional or independant blogger to contribute insight or opinion about ecommerce that may include affiliate links or links to businesses or services for which they received money to feature in the post. In this instance, the post will include a “paid contribution” notice at the bottom. will have received monetary compensation or a promotional value in return for posting this information.

Google AdSense – We serve advertising via the Google AdServe network on our site.

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