Graco Blossom High Chair Reviews
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Graco Blossom High Chair Reviews

There are two models of the Graco Highchair

  • EveryStep – 6 in 1 
  • Blossom – 6 in 1        

Graco is a well-known brand in the baby niche, with various car seats and the best baby bassinets to high chairs and swings. “Blossom” is the name of their 6-in-1 highchair, and it’s one of their best-selling models right now. In this article, we take a look at Graco blossom high chair reviews

If you’re looking for a new baby high chair for your newborn angel, we highly recommend the Graco Highchair without any reservations. This high chair from Graco has everything: top-notch safety features, high-quality materials, and unsurpassed convenience. It also has all the essential certifications.

Graco‘s Blossom and EveryStep high chairs have the best price/value ratio of any on the market in 2020. We’ll focus on “Blossom,” the 6-in-1 model, because “EveryStep” is nearly identical but for the inclusion of a mode. 

Convertible high chairs like the Blossom 6 in 1 will “grow with your baby.”. When your baby is under 6 months old, use it as an infant high chair, and as they grow older, transfer to a standard high chair and a toddler booster. You don’t have to buy a second baby chair if you have two lovely angels because of the Graco highchair’s ability to seat two children simultaneously. Bassinets are an alternative for Graco chairs, find out the 10 best bassinets for 2022

About Graco Blossom High Chair   

Graco Blossom High Chair


When purchasing baby gear, be sure the items you buy are safe for your child first. Thankfully, Graco checks off all the boxes, so you can relax knowing your kid is in good hands.

The highchair’s front wheels might be locked down to prevent it from rolling away, even if your infant is quite active.
The 5-point harness on the highchair might convert to a 3-point harness to keep your kid safe. When they are eating, babies can become extremely energetic, making a safety harness important. You can find out more baby products like Graco on the Pro Parenting site.

Ease of use

It was an area where The Blossom shined. Once you’ve used other infant equipment, you’ll no doubt find this piece of equipment to be easy to use. The 5-point restraint system was the only component that confused us, and we believe it’s too difficult to use with a fussy infant.

Fortunately, it can get converted to a 3-point restraint system, which we (and many other reviewers) chose. The safety of your infant in the chair is unaffected. However, you have the option of using the shoulder straps if you choose.

Ease of Cleaning

This chair is simple to clean, according to us. The baby seat’s additional insert is simply detachable and machine-washable. Although the main seat cushion must be wiped down by hand, we did not find this to be a major inconvenience because the insert captures most of the filth anyhow.

However, because the snack tray was so huge, we chose to wash it by hand, even though it is dishwasher safe. It’s easy to wipe out the plastic base if any food gets stuck there, which is something we appreciate.

Graco Blossom High Chair Characteristics & Features     

  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Footprint

It is the area where the Blossom has the most trouble. Because of its vast size, weight, and inability to fold, it is less efficient than the other chairs. It’s one of our heaviest chairs, coming in at about 29 pounds. Despite its heavyweight, the superb casters make it easy to move around the kitchen.

  • Adjustable Seat: Yes
  • Machine Wash: Yes
  • Quality: high
  • Space: up to 60 lbs
  • Dimension: 29x 22.5 x 41 inches

Pro and Cons Of Graco Blossom High Chair

  • 7 in 1, or 6 in 1 (depending on the model you get)

  • a total of 7 height alterations

  • The disposable tray that only requires the use of one hand

  • Seatback that may be adjusted and removed

  • Two children can be accommodated at a time.

  • Dishwasher safe tray 

  • There is a negligible type of disadvantage attached to this product.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Highchair

Available space

To begin your search for the greatest highchair, you must first determine the amount of available space in your home or child’s room. Depending on the model, high chairs may take up more room than standard chairs, and you’ll also need extra room to maneuver. So, get a tape measure and make a note of the chair’s maximum dimensions.

Convertible or not

Highchairs come in a variety of styles. Some high chairs have various seating modes and can switch from an infant booster to a highchair and vice versa, while others have only one function. In general, a convertible high chair is recommended because it saves money and lasts longer because it “grows with your baby.

Safety features

If so, does it have a safety harness with several locking points? How long can you prefer for setting for things as adjusted here side? You can make out the details attached with it.

How easy to clean

A baby’s eating shambles will be centered on the highchair. It’s inevitable that as soon as your kid starts eating on her own, there will be messes. A baby chair with removable, machine-washable pieces with a tray and cushion is the best option.


If you need to move the chair from room to room, or even outside, if you have a garden, backyard or terrace and want your infant to join lunchtime, this is vitally important for you to know. It’s possible to get chairs that fold up and are lightweight, which makes them even more convenient to transport.

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