How To Paint a Baby Crib

How To Paint a Baby Crib

Have you recently heard about the good news for your new arrival in your family? Now you might have started to prepare the theme. Even you have taken steps to decorate your baby’s room. 

You would surely choose up the most comfortable type of furniture. And if you already have So, you might be thinking about how to paint a baby crib Among all the most essential furniture for the baby comes a crib. It has to design in a highly comfortable and safe manner. It is because your loveable baby would spend most of your time in that particular area. 

Many a time, parents already possess the crib. It is generally of their elder child or a gift offered from their relatives. Right! But it is the choice of the parents to design a new crib for their baby or adjust with the older one. Only a crib should make your baby feel safe and comfortable. After this, it doesn’t matter if your child has a more old or new crib. 

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However, you would always have the thoughts to pain the crib if you continue with the older one. Right! Are you struggling with the same question? If yes, then don’t worry. Here you can get the guide to painting your baby’s crib safely.

How To Paint a Baby Crib

Is It Safe to Paint a Crib Made of Wood?

Have you brought a new crib for your baby? The crib is safe and comfortable for the baby. Still, you haven’t decided on the perfect colour for the nursery structure. You might use off the old paint with chipped off looking worn out. You can make use of the painting work for professional work with yourself. 

Painting for the crib doesn’t come as complex and with great expertise. Even it can mark with the image as per the DIY projects. Hence, you can easily paint the crib. You can make flexible paints as per your preferred colour with surrounding environments. Also, the repainting for the crib would show affection for a new baby. 

The first step for painting the crib baby with ensuring the crib materials. It will help one to make a fake or peel with paintings. Cribs of the wood have much typical with acceptance for the image. You can check for the manufacturer’s recommendations for great determination in all the cases. It can help one to paint with a great choice of baby products

There are many things for choosing non-toxic, non-odour paints for zero volatile types of organic compounds. It would help if you kept original colours that don’t contain any of the VOCs. 

How to Choose the Right Paint for the Crib

Finally, you have decided to paint the crib as a DIY project. You might come up with many questions. What particular type of paint should you choose? Will it prove safer for the baby? You cannot only select a colour. It should prove safer and non-toxic for the baby. 

  • It shouldn’t prove safer from the lead. Many of the patients come without the charges. Then to it gets essential for a person to read out the contents carefully. 
  • It should not contain a single blend of toxic materials. 
  • The paint should be water-soluble. Hence, it will come up with non-toxic, and no leads. 
  • Every type of VOC should come with less than 50 grams of litres. It should have lesser harmful chemicals. 
  • Ask the paint, which contains total antimicrobial agents, for keeping mould or mildew away. 
  • You can prefer to use paints that don’t make out any requirement for the primer. It might have fewer chemicals. 

What Supplies Do You Need to Paint the Crib? 

Paint with the baby’s crib comes with easy blendes. It can quickly get completed with primary suppliers. The proper suppliers beforehand can help make the work much more manageable. Even it can prove enjoyable for parents to recreate their baby’s crib. Many suppliers can help to paint the crib. It comes as follows: 

  • lint-free type of clothes 
  • masks 
  • tack clothes 
  • ultrafine abrasive type of pads 
  • vinegar and a mixture of water with a 1:1 ratio. or non-rinse type of TSP 
  • spray the bottle with acceptable mist type of settings filled up with clean water. 
  • A safe kind of paint that doesn’t possess any odour and zero VOC 
  • round variety of painting sponges 
  • safe topcoats along with no odour and zero VOC 

How to Safely Paint a Crib in 6 Simple Steps

don’t make out the hurry to purchase the essentials for tools and materials like crib mattresses to make your baby’s crib new. Try to take a breath and concentrate on some of the steps mentioned here. The safety of the baby is most important. Hence, you should at least ensure the following points before purchasing paint. 

  • The paint should come with zero VOC 
  • it should mark with the zero toxics 
  • also, the colour should be odourless 
  • It should keep the baby safe all around. 

Once you have selected a perfect colour according to your liking, now you are all set to follow the steps as mentioned here side. 

Remove the grime and dirt parts. 
Before starting to apply the paint, do follow up on this step. It is essential to make sure your baby’s crib is clean and free from all the grime or dirt. You should be able to remove even the most minor portion of the dust. It might mess up the paint later when it gets dry. You can prefer to use the dry cloth or even the wet cloth to clean the crib. Do purchase some furniture cleaner if you feel fabric and water doesn’t work worth it. 

Sand up the wood 
You would have cleaned up the crib of the baby properly. Let’s hope this. After this, it is essential to remove off the existing coat of the paint. It should expose the rough surface of the crib. Only then can you apply the new colour coating of your liking? In short, you need to sand the wood of the baby’s crib. Now the necessity to sand the wood depends upon the manufacturer process. The most crucial point is to remove all traces of the paint that exist already over the crib, then after you are all set, apply the colour of your choice. 

Try to scuff off the large surfaces placed on the crib. The better and evenly you would try to scuff the paint. It will undoubtedly lead to a fine and even application of the new paint. 

Don’t forget to wipe off all the leftover sanding dust particles. 
You can prefer to make use of the simple microfiber damp cloth. Using this, wipe off all the sanding dust on the crib. This dust comes after you complete the scuffing of the baby’s crib. You need to pay attention to even single inward corners and indentations. It is to remove all the sanding dust to blend a fresher coat of paint. Therefore you don’t ruin the appearance of the crib of the baby. 

If the Amazon basics microfiber cloths are available, you can prefer to buy them. It will work wonders to wash it off and reuse it as many times as you want. In short, you need to clean and dry up the microfiber cloths to wipe up all the leftover moisture. 

Do select the colour for your choice. 
It is crucial to purchase non-toxic furniture paints and baby-safe paints. Do check out the Renaissance’s furniture paint range. It comes with zero VOC. It means it is safe for the baby and family. Also, you can find a wide range of colours useful for people. 

Make use of medium-sized paintbrushes. 
A baby’s crib doesn’t contain a considerable surface as per dinner table or any more. Hence, you cannot use medium-sized nylon bristly paintbrushes. You need to purchase some of the smaller and even some medium range of the brushes. It will help you to reach the tricky spots located in the crib.

Slowly and gradually initiate to apply the first coat for the paint 
Now you are left over with your favourite colour to design your baby’s crib. Start with the slow and even strokes upwards and downwards. You need to apply the first coat gradually to your baby’s crib. Let the first coat dry out thoroughly for 2-4 hours. After this, you can start with the application of the second coat. 

Some of the paints don’t require a second coat. But applying a second coat can ensure a more deep and solid colour. Hence, the coat colour will not easily get removed. 

Let the colour dry out at least for one night. 
Many of the modern paints are odourless. Hence, you don’t need to worry much. It is advised to let the baby crib dry off with open windows and doors. Now you are all set to enjoy the brand new crib for your loveable little one. Hence, you should surely follow out the methods for great concern with colouring your baby’s crib without fail.

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